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Would you like to please someone with a work of art?

To make sure that the recipient likes the work of art, they can choose the gift themselves using the ART VOUCHER.

For this I offer a wide range of my original paintings and

Digital collages on my homepage.

It's that easy:

1. Determine the ART VOUCHER value.

2. Order an ART VOUCHER by email:  

Enter the billing address and delivery address.

4. Receive prepayment invoice by email and pay (KUNST-

VOUCHER value plus € 3.00 shipping costs within Germany).

5. ART COUPON is sent immediately after receipt of payment by registered mail


6. The ART COUPON can now be redeemed.

Simply enter the voucher code at , select a work of art and online or by phone at

0163 - 428 72 84 order.


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