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hamburg collages

Hamburg collages

The constant change in Hamburg is one of the artist's favorite subjects
is reflected in their artwork. The facets of this city are shown in a fascinating way in rich colors. Every picture is a decorative piece of jewelery, every picture is felt, vibrant Hamburg.

And those who have to leave Hamburg for a long time should take one of these pictures with them to the new port for moments of longing. The pictures are available in various formats as digital collages and acrylic paintings on canvas.

Each Hamburg collage can be personalized at the customer's request:

• With digital photos of private individuals, e. B. as a wedding picture, birthday,
Anniversary or as a farewell gift to change location.

• We can also create your personal collage exclusively with your own
Design pictures.

• With digital photos of companies for company anniversaries, guest gifts or
as a farewell present for retirement.

• Company collages can also be made with your templates from production systems,
Products, company buildings or other cities.

The collages are then individual, unique pieces in any desired format.

Art Consulting

Margarita offers art consulting tailored to the individual needs of both private and corporate clients. For the respective spatial and organizational conditions in your home and office space, she and her creative team develop tailor-made room solutions on the subject of art and images.

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