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Pop Art Gallery Margarita - Hamburger Kunstgalerie / Produzentengalerie für zeitgenössische Kunst in Hamburg, Barmbek, Alstercity. Seit 2017 präsentiert die Galerie einzigartigen Werke der Künstlerin Margarita Kriebitzsch.

Pop Art Gallery Margarita in Hamburg

After participating in many national and international art fairs and exhibitions as well as presentations in various German galleries, the Hamburg artist Margarita Kriebitzsch decided to open her own art gallery in AlsterCity at the beginning of 2017. The name "Pop Art Gallery Margarita" was based on her art movement, Pop Art. The artist has remained true to this line to this day. In the meantime a few years have passed and Margarita Kriebitzsch's gallery has long been an integral part of Hamburg's art circles.

Initially run as a pure producer gallery, over the past few years, inquiries from national and international artists and galleries have resulted in collaborations and guest exhibitions in the Pop Art Gallery Margarita. The location of the gallery in AlsterCity is strategically and geographically very attractive, as it can be easily reached from all directions by public transport or by car. With an area of around sixty square meters and a continuous window front, the gallery is clearly laid out and easily visible to interested parties at any time.

Interested parties can use various exhibits and catalogs to find their way around here when it comes to possible motifs from personal portraits or pictures of Hamburg as commissioned work. Portraits are Margarita Kriebitzsch's great passion. This is reflected in the gallery. Many VIP portraits in Pop Art are there on the walls and easels. First and foremost, they are well-known musicians, actors and politicians. The second major theme in the commissioned work are Hamburg images, either as paintings or digital collages, personalized or neutral. For every occasion, business or private, the customer will find a tailor-made solution in the Pop Art Gallery Margarita.

Our neighbor, the DHL shop, in AlsterCity is available for reliable shipping. The shipments leave the location there every hour.

The Pop Art Gallery Margarita is supported by its own large shop windows in the historic Bülow-Haus in the immediate vicinity of Hamburg's Rathausmarkt (Schauenburgerstraße 34) and a permanent exhibition at FIDELITY in Rellingen near Hamburg (Adlerstraße 79).

Gallery address:
Weidestrasse 122A • 22083 Hamburg
Opening times by arrangement.

Mobile +49 (0) 163 - 428 72 84

We look forward to your visit to the gallery.


Pop Art Gallery MARGARITA

Producer gallery

Weidestrasse 122A • 22083 Hamburg / AlsterCity

Opening times and personal appointments by arrangement

4 shop windows full of art in the Bülow-Haus:

Schauenburger Str. 34 • 20095 Hamburg

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